Our Recent Works

Our expertise provides full architectural design service from concept design to construction supervision.
Our extensive experience broadly ranges both types and sizes, from private houses, residential building,
educational facility, hospitality, commercial, office, and museum as well as health facility. 
The quality of our surrounding has a direct influence on the quality of our lives.
Since the formation, we has undertaken over 120 projects across the country. Among its best known are 
Berkeley international school and AFS intercultural program Headquarter, Thailand.
The office s current projects include 55 storey tower in the CBD of Bangkok, 6 Stars resort in Koh Kood, 
JCI accredited health facility in Bangkok and international education facility.





其中最著名的是伯克利国际学校 (Berkeley international school) 和泰国AFS教育国际交流协会总部 (AFS intercultural program Headquarter)

本公司目前的项目包括曼谷中央商务区 (CBD) 55层大楼沽岛 (Koh Kood) 6度假胜地通过 JCI认证的曼谷医院以及国际教育设施。