About Company

Atelier of Architects is not just a company that has been working on education facility and institutional design including Berkeley International School and AFS Foundation Thailand, It also is the community packed with 15 creativity-driven architects led by the experienced architect Salyawate Prasertwittayakarn. With his 18 years of experience in architectural field including working in one of the national renowned architect company Architect 49 Limited, Salyawate starts out and develops his own company as a community to not only be able to establish the name of its own but also ensure that people will be living lives aesthetically by experiencing the artistic lifestyle on daily basis.

Atelier of Architect
s公司仅是致力于教育设施和机构设计的伯克利国际学校 (Berkeley International School) 和泰国AFS国际文化教育基金会 (AFS Foundation Thailand) 而且是由15有创造力的建筑师组成的社区Salyawate Prasertwittayakarn经验丰富的建筑师领导凭借关于建筑设计的18经验包括在文明全球的Architect 49 有限公司的工作经验Salyawate创立并发展了自己的社区公司,以便不仅能够树立公司名字而且还尽心竭力地创造以艺术为灵感的生活方式,能够确保人们体验到美感的生活

The company creates and operates every project by holding to the words ‘family’ and ‘inspiration’ close to the their hearts as these are the core values of the company. This means that the clients will be treated and counted like a family member. Therefore for them, each project is not just about the business but it’s about building and investing the trust that both clients and the company have towards each other in every step and detail to bring about the architecture that inspires and enriches the soul of those who live in it. 


Salyawate Prasertwitayakarn

Salyawate is an experienced architecture with educator background. Prior to establishing Atelier of Architects Company Limited in 2007, he worked as a full time faculty at Chulalongkorn university and a senior architects at Architects 49 Limited, in charge as project architect designing large scale project, includes MCOT complex and King Power Complex Bangkok.

是一位具有教育背景的资深设计师。2007年建立Atelier of Architects有限公司之前他曾在朱拉隆功大学担任全职教师Architects 49 有限公司担任高级建筑设计负责设计大型项目MCOT综合馆曼谷市区王权免税购物中心

Salyawate received his architectural training at Cornell University, where he was in a master class of Richard Meier, the Pritzker prize laurate. As well as Urban Design at Pratt institute and Interior Architecture at Chulalongkorn University.

Salyawate在康奈尔大学(Cornell University)接受了建筑设计当时他是理查·麦尔Richard Meier的大师班,为普利兹克建筑奖的获奖者。此外,他毕业于普拉特学院Pratt Institute 建筑学院城市设计和朱拉隆功大学建筑学院室内建筑

Salyawate is a member of Association of Siamese Architects under royal patronage. And he has licenses for practicing architecture, urban design and interior architecture from Architect Council of Thailand.


Salyawate is currently conducting an advance design studio for Master of Architecture International Program at Chulalongkorn University.